DeveloperWeek Austin 2021 HACKATHON

The DeveloperWeek Austin 2021 Hackathon is one of Austin's largest hackathons.

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November 8 -17, 2021

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$48,100 in prizes

DeveloperWeek Austin 2021 Overall Winner

1 winner - $12,500 cash value

• 1st Place Prize: - (2) Amazon Echos (Up to 5) - DevNetwork Premium All-Access Passes to all 2021-2022 virtual conferences - Announcement in our email to 60,000 subscribers listing your team and project.

Replicated Challenge: Day 0 Deployment Challenge

1st Place: Terra Kaffe Espresso Maker
Questions - Contact:
Test your skills as a Kubernetes master by working through the Day 0 Deployment Challenge with Replicated. In this challenge, you will be tasked with launching a containerized web application from start-to-finish, as well as identify & resolve any issues that may pop up in the deployment process. You will be provided with tools from the Replicated Open Source catalog to aid your journey - do you think you're up to the challenge?

Secure Code Warrior Challenge #1: Secure Coding Tournament (2)

1st Place: Hoodie, stickers, + extra swag items
2nd Place: T-shirt, stickers + extra swag items
Questions - Contact:

Register for the Secure Code Warrior platform here:
Access to the platform for practice:
Nov 8th - Dec 1st
Tournament starts: Nov 12th, 9:00AM
Tournament ends: Nov 17th, 4:00PM

Secure Code Warrior brings you a defensive security-based tournament from a developer's perspective. The tournament allows you to test your skill against the other participants in a series of vulnerable code challenges that ask you to identify a problem, locate insecure code, and fix a vulnerability. You don’t need extensive programming knowledge as this will be a great way to learn the foundations and intermediates of leveraging code that is not only functional but is also secure.

You can find tournament step-by-step guide here:

The tournament is run virtually so you can join through your laptop from the most convenient location and time. It should take only a few hours, drop-in as you see fit during the duration of the event to complete all the challenges and win prizes!

Instructions for playing:
1) Register for the Secure Code Warrior platform here:
2) Check your email for the confirmation and access the unique link to create your profile.
3) Once logged in: click “Tournaments”
4) Join the Secure Coding Tournament

The Secure Code Warrior platform will be open before and after the tournament, so feel free to practice in the “Training” tab.

Monitor the live leaderboard to see how you're performing!

Replicated Challenge #2: Replicated Universe

1st Place: Terra Kaffe Espresso Maker
Questions - Contact:

At Replicated, we specialize in creating Open Source tools to make deployment & management of your applications worlds easier. Make some space in your DevOps toolkit for tools you never knew you needed. Use at least one of the Open Source projects listed on to create an astronomy-themed application. Challenge - Hack with Speech

1st Place: $500 Gift Card & $500 Worth of credit
Questions - Contact:
Build an innovative application or product using the API.

We encourage you to think out of the box and come up with creative use cases.

You will be judged on the basis of :

* Originality and creativity.
* Execution (How well services are incorporated)
* Impact (Practicability)

Please visit to create your account and get access to your API token.
API documentation can be found at
For support during the hackathon use the link below to join our slack channel :

Please note that the free trial you receive when you sign up only provides you access to the English transcription capability.
If you require access to different languages or capabilities please reach out to us.


* Information - Describe your project, its features, and how’s API is utilized in your application.
* Presentation - Record and upload a demonstrative video. The video should showcase your application and should not be longer than 5 minutes.
* Project files -The link to your Github project page.

Traceable AI Challenge #1: Instrument Your App (2)

1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $250
Questions - Contact:

Create a screen share video of your team going through the process of instrumenting your application with the appropriate Traceable platform and tracing agents. The video should be in at least HD and include audio where you are sharing your questions, concerns, and challenges in instrumenting your application. We want to see your screen and hear what you are thinking/feeling about the process of setting up Traceable AI.

Traceable AI Challenge #2: Developing with Traceable AI (2)

1st Place: $1,000
2nd Place: $500
Questions - Contact:
Create a screen share video showing how your team used Traceable AI to help as you developed/troubleshot your application and its APIs. We want to see your screen and hear what you are thinking/feeling about using Traceable AI. How is it helping you? What would make it even more useful? The video should be in at least HD, and include audio where you are sharing your challenges and discoveries from using Traceable AI.

Some capabilities to consider are API Discovery (application flow mapping, catalog/inventory, risk assessments), API Insights (metrics, performance, traces, events), API DNA (definitions and parameter details), and API Vulnerabilities.

Kleeen Software Challenge #1: Build and “Insights-First” Web Apps using Kleeen’s IDE (2)

1st Place: Complimentary Kleeen subscription 1500 - free prototype for a year
2nd Place: Complimentary Kleeen subscription 1500 - free prototype for 6 months
Questions - Contact:

Use Kleeen’s IDE to generate an insights-First WEB App prototype, containing at least two workflows that allow users to visualize data and a couple of detail pages to crosslink information to access details.
App Documentation:

Web Application subject suggestions:
An electric automotive industry tool to track and analyze manufacturing and vehicle information
A dashboard to monitor Amazon Warehouse resources
Movies or music-related products, capture insights and statistics for movies, playlists, users, most seen/listened, date-related filters.

Must have:
A KLEEEN conceptual model using the Things Manager (think which entities does the industry have)
At least 2 collection scope workflows
At least 2 single scope workflows
At least 2 actions on a thing
At least 2 visualizations using KLEEEN widget creation

Kleeen Software Challenge #2: Build an “Insights-First” Web App and Integrate with Third-Party Data (2)

1st Place: Complimentary Kleeen subscription 1500 - free prototype for a year
2nd Place: Complimentary Kleeen subscription 1500 - free prototype for 6 months
Questions - Contact:

Using Kleeen’s IDE, generate an application, then use Kleeen’s export to GitHub ability (request a temporal hackathon license) to get the source code. Finally integrate the prototype with third-party data and implement at least one custom workflow/widget.
App Documentation:

Third-party data suggestions:
Shared Electric bike ride service (Snowflake Electric Bike starter dataset)

Must have:
At least 2 collection scope workflows
At least 2 single scope workflows
Integration of the generated Apis with third-party data at least in 2 widgets.
Generate a custom workflow/widget and integrate some components inside that custom workflow/widget.

Sauce Labs Challenge #1: Mobile App Quality: Find Crashes & Errors in Your Hackathon Project (2)

1st Place: $500 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place: $250 Amazon Gift Card
Questions - Contact:
Instrument your mobile, native, or cross-platform apps using Backtrace Developer Edition and finding crashes and errors using this tool.

Challenge – Use Backtrace Developer Edition with your mobile, native, or cross platform hackathon project to find crashes and errors in your code.

Register for your FREE Backtrace Developer Edition account:

For support, please post your questions on the Backtrace Discord Server:

Dotnet Reports Challenge #1: Setup Enterprise Reports (2)

1st Place:6 Months Enterprise License (value $3,000) of Dotnet Report Free + $250 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place: 2 United Club Passes ($100 Value)
Questions -
Let's say we have an Enterprise Software that has an Ordering and Invoicing system that stores Customer data like products, orders, invoices, addresses, etc. and lets them create orders. The Enterprise Software uses a MS SQL Server database in the backend and an ASP .NET Web Application (MVC or .NET Core or .NET 5) as the front end.

Your challenge is to create at least 3 useful "Embedded Reports" inside your Enterprise Application, with at least one of them using a Graph/Chart. An example of a useful report is an "Order History" report, where the user can pick a date range, like "This Month" or "Last Month", and the system will generate a Report with count and total sales amount of all the orders placed. Another example would be to get a report of sales history per day or per product sold, which can also be plotted on Bar Chart or a Pie Chart.

You can use the "Northwind" database as the backend database for this Challenge if you like. The user must be able to access the list of Reports from a link inside your main application. Then they can click on a Report Name to run it.

Coder Challenge: Move your Local Developer Environment to the Cloud (2)

1st Place: $250 Amazon gift card and a 5-user Coder license
2nd Place: Raspberry Pi 4B & exclusive Coder case
Questions -

Sign up for a Coder trial (hosted or self-hosted) and create a custom workspace with the tools and languages you need to develop your project. You can use an open source project, or your dev environment for work. Share a short video (or the GitHub repo for the image) as well as feedback using the Coder platform to develop in the cloud.

- Sign up for Coder trial:
- Creating custom workspaces in Coder:
- Coder docs:
- Community Slack:

Blockpoint Systems Challenge: Build a Fun Demo Using Blockpoint's Immutable Database (2)

1st Place:$200 credit + $200 cash
2nd Place:$100 credit + $100 cash
Restrictions: Restricted to US users only

The bSQL Database( from Blockpoint Systems is a high performance relational database with built-in blockchain immutability. It was developed to maximize data integrity and visibility while maintaining and improving upon traditional database functionality.

Like a blockchain, data in bSQL is hashed and linked. Unlike a peer-to-peer blockchain, data is not publicly distributed across machines. Data in the bSQL is never physically deleted or overwritten, instead append-only data is added to the blockchain.

This storage method provides three key benefits:
- Security
- Auditability
- Analytics

We need you to develop and create a use case that highlights one of the three key benefits above.

Some ideas could include:
- Tracking medical patient data
- Observe application usage patterns
- Protecting data from malicious users
- Analyze record history and changes over time

In order to start please contact us for free registration codes:

Contact Through Slack-

What to submit:
- Overview: Describe your project, its features, and how bSQL is used in your application.
- Video: Record and upload a demonstrative video. The video should showcase your application and should not be longer than 5 minutes.
- The link to your Github project page.

Zebrium Challenge: Build endpoint that does something cool with a webhook payload (2)

1st Place:$1600 - $800 Amazon Gift card and $800 Zebrium subscription credit
2nd Place:$800 - $400 Amazon Gift card and $400 Zebrium subscription credit
Questions -
Zebrium uses machine learning to analyze application and infrastructure logs to pinpoint the root cause of software problems. When it finds the root cause, it can use an outbound integration to send a webhook with the details. Your task in this challenge is to build an endpoint that does something clever, creative or useful with the webhook payload. It could be as simple as sending an SMS alert with the details, or triggering a workflow that opens a ticket in Jira or maybe a cool iPhone app to manage the notifications??

To get started, you will need a free account (visit and click “Get Started Free”) and you will need to collect logs from an app environment. You can do this in your own environment or follow these instructions to install a demo app, break the app using a Chaos tool and see the root cause that Zebrium creates – see

Details of the outbound integration webhook payload can be found here (called a webhook alert): To set up a webhook outbound integration, select “outbound integrations” from the menu in the top right of the Zebrium portal.

Good luck, and we’re excited to see who can build the coolest webhook endpoint!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Geoff Domoracki

Geoff Domoracki
CEO / DevNetwork

Rohit Sinha

Rohit Sinha
Director of Product Development @ Excellarate

Larry Lancaster

Larry Lancaster
Founder and CTO @ Zebrium

Mason Egger

Mason Egger
Sr. Developer Advocate @ DigitalOcean

Alexander Alten
Co-founder & CTO @ Scalytics

Judging Criteria

  • Progress
    How much progress did you make?
  • Concept
    Does it solve a real problem?
  • Feasibility
    Could this become a startup or company?

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